Why CPG?

CPG™ is a complete cloud-based compounder software management solution. Our solution will consolidate and simplify your compounding operations, quality efforts, regulatory compliance tasks, as well as your documentation requirements.

The modern compounding landscape is a complex place, with multiple regulatory and professional standards to be addressed. Federal, State, and Local agencies are increasingly exerting overlapping regulatory standards to your daily practice.


Our Services


Assure Patient Safety

Integrated into your operation’s monitoring and documentation systems allows alerts and continuous monitoring of your operations, heading off variances, deviations, and overdue tasks or other critical notifications before they negatively impact your operations. Facility specific Quality Management requirements, standardized policy & procedures, are perpetuated through our platform standardization. Easily tracked by all management and staff from our easy-to-understand, highly readable dashboard and customizable reporting.


Maximize Operational Efficiencies

By standardizing documentation, acting as an electronic repository for critical validation, verification, and other quality documents, CPG™ allows management and staff to conduct daily tasks with the confidence that all the background work and documents are in-place to support your daily efforts.

With our integrated Standard Policy & Procedure Platform we reduce your worry around missing documentation or process deviations.


Incorporate best demonstrated practice into your operation

As the comprehensive, unified place for all equipment records, ingredient documentation, training records, compounding master-formulas, and related data, we can assist you in streamlining your operation. Employing our document flows and failure-modes analysis thinking which is embedded in our system, this frees management to observe, refine, and coach compounding staff allowing the introduction of best practice more easily, and in a controlled way.


Standardize training & training documentation

Integrating a comprehensive set of Standard-Operation-Procedures behind the software platform, Regulatory compliance and best-demonstrated-practices flow into the standard documentation and form process makes the required competency based training and development of your professional and technical staff more manageable.


Provide scalability for all compounding operations

Best demonstrated practices can be standardized, monitored, and documented across a wide business platform. Whether you are operating a chain of compounding pharmacies, a Multi-centered health system with many off-site clinics, or a network of 503B Outsourcing Facilities, CPG™ can assist you in the monitoring & control across multiple locations, while at the same time tracking compliance, documentation and trends as well as variance. Identification of non-approved or non-standard practices more quickly from our easy to read dashboard, allows measured responses, better efficiencies, and the level of control necessary to safely conduct compounding operations in any practice setting.